Guest Editorial: How Dumb Are They?

By Scottsdale Jersey Boy
So we know desperation is setting in with Desert Discovery Center sycophants in Scottsdale.  After all, they have renamed their project (Desert Edge), tapped the worst city manager in Scottsdale history to lead their new efforts and have deceitfully labeled their opposition campaign to Proposition 420 “Protect Your Preserve.”  Mind you, supporters of Proposition 420, the measure that would allow citizens the right to vote on the $70 million, taxpayer-funded miscreant in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve (and any future projects for that matter) call their committee “Protect Our Preserve.”  
It’s officially time to start feeling sorry for those that aren’t just for the Desert Edge, but are literally, politically, hanging on it.
Take their recent trope in a local blog called “Scottsdale Edge.” It’s almost too strange to describe but we’ll give it our best shot.  After all, it’s hard to get inside the heads of people who are the same type to question President Obama’s birth certificate, moon landings and if Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.  Folks, it’s time to take the Art Bell posters off the wall because you really are just Batsh*t Crazy.  Like certifiable.
Brother Scottsdale Edge attempts to gain some support for its sister the Desert Edge by convoluting us through a scenario in which Scottsdale-based Barrett-Jackson has been paying local public relations consultant Jason Rose for years not for the obvious, public tasks he has often been involved with on the company’s behalf, but to surreptitiously upend the Desert Discovery Center.  You see, Rose has very publicly opposed the measure and made a publicly reported campaign donation to those opposing the project.  Why would Rose be doing this the blog surmises?  Because Barrett-Jackson and unnamed others want to dump the $70 million desert eating edifice up the street so more money can be devoted to WestWorld.  Of course they have zero evidence to back up the claim.  And if anyone can find any comments made by Barrett-Jackson about the project, do let us know. 
Perhaps as bizarrely they then bring up a reception Barrett-Jackson co-hosted with the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce some years ago to welcome City Manager Jim Thompson to town with a diverse group of community leaders.  Like what does that have to do with anything?  There would be a greater correlation to someone hosting a reception for a French person named Jan or the owner of the New York Knicks with the last name of Dolan.
But we can’t let the logic lunatics off so easy.  Let’s see, if we were trying to gain support from the more than four people in Scottsdale that currently support the DDC the last brand we’d probably want to alienate and instead recruit would be the one, Barrett-Jackson, which has favorable ratings in the city just short of the Good Lord himself.  But that’s not where their political malpractice ends.  By suggesting this crazy conspiracy they unintentionally but rightfully raise the question of what else the ridiculous amount of tourism tax money being discussed for the Desert Dog could be used for. And that’s a good question for we thinks Scottsdale voters would be far more supportive of those and other future funds going towards things like Scottsdale Stadium improvements or other more sensible, proven tourism generators rather than the first non-human to appear on television’s “Biggest Loser.”  Indeed, we have written about the opportunity cost previously. Here is a link. 
Geniuses, pure political geniuses, these jokers are.  But then again that’s why the project is in such a ruinous state.  It has been the worst handling of a project, any project, that we can ever recall.
So good luck boys and girls.  You’ve not just lost an issue.  You’ve lost your mind.