Guest Editorial: Lisa Borowsky Announces 2024 Campaign for Mayor of Scottsdale

Over the last three years, I’ve heard from hundreds of Scottsdale residents concerned that poor decision making by our Mayor and Council is putting our quality of life at risk. After much deliberation and consultation with friends and family, I announce my run for Mayor of Scottsdale.

As a lifelong Scottsdale resident, I have a deep appreciation for our past and a vision for protecting our future. I’ve spent my professional career representing homeowners, obtaining multi-million dollar recoveries for the shoddy work of developers. I will bring this same tenacity to representing and protecting our community.

The Council continues to approve more high-density apartments instead of prioritizing
high-quality housing. Traffic congestion is worse than ever. Roundabouts, promised as traffic solutions, have only made things worse, costing millions over budget and taking years longer than scheduled. Our streets, parks and public spaces, in which we take such pride, have become
home to a growing population of transients and illegal immigrants, with hardworking taxpayers shouldering the costs. New development must respect Scottsdale’s tradition of excellence; projects which add to our community, not overrun and degrade it. Scottsdale deserves better, we must place a premium on vision and leadership. It’s time to demand the quality we need by electing a city government that will listen to our citizens, create thoughtful plans and serve
as real leaders.

It would be an honor to serve our amazing community as your Mayor.