Can We Finally Be Done With This?

By Alexander Lomax

Photo Credit: AZ Central

Here we go again…Kari Lake manages to get in the news again. Lovely.

To give some added context, the ongoing embarrassment that is Lake’s election denialism has been nearly completely smacked down in the courts (courts which have been largely packed by Doug Ducey, i.e. not exactly leftist ideologues) but the most recent judgment left one little kernel of hope for Lake. One item of her challenge was not explicitly knocked down, whether or not Maricopa County properly verified signatures on ballot affidavit envelopes, so this item will have its day in court.

Already, Lake and her team are running with asinine items. A statement that signatures couldn’t be 100% matched (because much like snowflakes, no signatures are going to be completely the same) was used by Lake as proof that the system is broken instead of a common sense statement. Her supporters are doing everything they can to invoke doubts in the system and attacking those who aren’t buying in. Even with nearly no chance at success, they are determined to muddy up our democracy anyway.

So Lake will get her day in court. But anyone with half a brain will know that it won’t work out like her supporters want; there will not be a recount, Katie Hobbs will still be Governor, and nothing will change. The best thing that will happen (or worst thing, depending on your perspective) is that there will be imperfections pointed out in the process, and then the Lake camp will manipulate it to further sow doubt. Rinse, repeat.

Since it will not work out in their favor, they will also almost certainly attempt to find something, ANYTHING to cling onto to further divide. Unfortunately, it is likely that this will play out through the next election cycle to set her up for a Republican primary going forward. Perhaps for the US Senate? Probably for the US Senate…God help us all.

There are many legitimate reasons to disfavor the Democratic Party. But we can’t be surprised when a majority of voters prefer to stand with them as compared to a party who’s local ringleader is focused on undermining faith in an imperfect but critical and functional aspect of society. So buckle up for the next few years of the Lake Show…I’ll be off to the side, hoping for non-toxic options on the Republican side.