The WM Phoenix Open Furthers its Status as a Premier Event Even More with Announcement

Post Malone

You almost certainly know all about the WM Phoenix Open, the iconic golf tournament at TPC Scottsdale. The pro golf tour party of the year…maybe even the party of the year in the city. It needs no other introductions. And yet somehow they are managing to outdo themselves with a recent announcement.

The tournament recently announced easily one of the biggest developments in its long and storied history: that internationally popular hip-hop artist Post Malone will be performing at the iconic 16th hole at this year’s WM Phoenix Open. They also announced that no less than Duran Duran will headline the Bird’s Nest.

Many of our readers are a bit older and maybe have only heard of Post Malone in passing (if at all), or maybe have seen him before and thought of him as that guy with the face tattoos, which is accurate. But such a depiction truly downplays how significant this is, and just how integral and important he has been in the popular music scene over the last six or seven years..

To give some added context, Post Malone has earned three American Music Awards, ten Billboard Music Awards and a MTV Video Music Award. He’s also been nominated for a grand total of ten Grammy’s; while he hasn’t won any (the Buffalo Bills of the Grammy’s, if you will), to get that close so many times is impressive enough. He has had four number 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, highlighted by Circles, which spent three weeks at the top, in addition to 11 Top 10 hits.

That said, those are the metrics of the olden days; his streaming numbers tell the most impressive tale. Post Malone has ten singles that have been streamed over a BILLION times on Spotify, along with seven singles that have been watched over a billion times on YouTube. So while you may not listen to him, your kids and their friends probably do.

We say this only to say…this is an impressive elevation of the WM Phoenix Open. Long known as the best party in golf, there is now nothing else that can come even remotely close. One could make an argument that it is now elevating itself into the A-List of all sporting events in America, not just golf. After all, when you pull in A-List stars, you’re well on your way to being an A-Lister yourself.

Yet again, Scottsdale manages to outdo itself as a premier destination to live, work and play. However, at this point we should expect nothing less.