Tipping (Over) Point For State Rep. John Kavanagh?

Other titans of Arizona’s illegal immigration wars have fallen. Andrew Thomas. Russell Pearce. Even Sheriff Arpaio’s last election was close. And although lesser known the smart, affable State Rep. John Kavanagh is likely next on the target list. Word is that determined moderate Republican and former Scottsdale Planning Commissioner Jeff Schwartz is set to challenge the House Appropriations Chairman as … Read More

Standing Their Red Ground

MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow is really liberal. And annoying. And she’s a partisan. But one can’t say she doesn’t bring it with passion. It’s worthy of respect even while it reminds those not like-minded why we are right. That’s why a shout out is in order for SeeingRedAZ.com, one of the most influential and longest-running political blogs in Arizona. Its … Read More

Demise of SB1062. Return Rise Of Sheriff Paul Babeu

He was one of the brightest Republican stars in Arizona history before the Phoenix New Times unveiled his whole new meaning of “Jose, Can You See?” He is Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. Once the darling of Fox News and Arizona Republican Party voters alike. Just several years ago most anything was politically possible for Babeu. Then came the troubles. … Read More

From US News and World Report: Doug Ducey Is a GOP Rising Star in Arizona

By Peter Roff There’s a battle underway in the West to determine who Arizona’s next governor will be. Among the crowded field of Republicans vying for the nomination is one who is already being talked about as a potential national leader, the kind of politician that can restore the public confidence in the GOP who, if he wins, will soon … Read More

GOP Candidates Waving White Flag In Culture War?

A recent article discussed fear within the Christian community that Christians were losing the culture war and would soon be losing their rights as well. The writer interviewed Jim Phillips, the senior pastor of North Greenwood Baptist Church, to find out why events are moving against Christians with such speed. “Sadly, Christians have often wimped out and grown silent instead … Read More

These Cottonwoods Not Looking So Good For Paradise Valley Despite The Spring

Amazing. Just amazing. Following the Paradise Valley Planning Commission’s rejection of a plan to supersize the unremarkable Cottonwoods Hotel in town, backers are now saying they can magically reduce the rejected plan’s proposed density by thirty five percent. It’s amazing what can happen when you just say no. We opined about the flawed Cottonwoods proposal back in October. Here is … Read More

No Miracle In West Mesa

The 1988 Democratic nominee for President Michael Dukakis talked a lot about the “Massachusetts Miracle,” touting his perceived Bay State successes. But by the time the campaign ended voters weren’t looking so kindly on such claims. It’s a lesson that could play out this year in the 2014 Arizona gubernatorial campaign, either by Mesa Mayor Scott Smith’s GOP opponents, or … Read More

Book A Room. Get A Promo.

The nefarious tactics used by Arizona Public Service (APS) to eliminate an Arizona rooftop solar industry over the past year (Arizona Republic APS, solar companies clash over credits to customers; New York Times: On Rooftops, a Rival for Utilities) have been well documented by others. One of those stories (Huffington Post: Arizona Solar Policy Fight Heats Up) even described the … Read More

Southern Scottsdale Should Be A Political Stepchild No More

Proximity to Sky Harbor, freeways, a great downtown, the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix Zoo, the Indian Bend Wash. “South Scottsdale” should be a prideful label, not a derogatory one. Maybe the two strip clubs in the area advance the negative connotation. Or the automobile dealer departures along McDowell Road. Or maybe the big talk but little action from both public … Read More

News Release: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff, Endorses Michael Auerbach for Scottsdale City Council

Scottsdale- City Council candidate Michael Auerbach today announces the Honorable Joe Arpaio has endorsed him for Scottsdale City Council. “Today I am pleased to endorse Michael Auerbach, Candidate for Scottsdale City Council 2014. Michael is a strong supporter of law enforcement and will be an advocate for public safety. I encourage you to support Michael in his run to ensure … Read More