Why I support Pam Kirby for Scottsdale School Board

By Paul Dembow
Dear Fellow Paradise Valley Resident:
As a Paradise Valley Town Councilman, I know how important strong leadership in government is. And as a father of five children — all of whom went to Scottsdale Unified School District schools — I am a strong believer in the power of quality education.
Both reasons are why I’m supporting Pam Kirby for the SUSD Governing Board — and why I urge you to support her as well.
I had the pleasure of serving with Pam during her time on the Paradise Valley Town Council. She is a conscientious, committed public servant who makes fiscal responsibility and responsive government a top priority.

Those traits, along with her dedication to ensuring a quality education for our children, are why she is uniquely qualified for re-election for another term on the SUSD Governing Board. The public schools that serve Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are an important resource for our communities, and it’s critical that they have responsible leadership to ensure a focus on quality education and results in the classroom.
I am proud to support Pam in the November 4 election, and I ask you to join me in re-electing her to another term on the SUSD Governing Board.
Thank you for your consideration.
Paul Dembow
Paradise Valley Town Councilman