What’s Up With The Ritz-Carlton In Paradise Valley?

A new Ritz-Carlton hotel and surrounding residential and retail uses was approved on a narrow 4-3 vote by the Paradise Valley Town Council two and half years ago.  
Since then the project has been coifed more by advertisements than shovels.  And people are starting to talk about it.  And worry.  Take this recent article in the Paradise Valley Independent.  Here is a link. And look at what Paradise Valley Town Council candidates are saying about the resort community’s status too.  Here is a link.
What’s really going on seems to be a greater secret than Jimmy Hoffa’s final resting place.
That’s hard to figure.  Last time the Ritz project in Paradise Valley was approved it was 2008, right before the economy collapsed.  There was no shame in mothballing plans then, or to come back years later with a proposal backers thought more viable to bring the long-discussed proposal to life.  
But now the economy is good.  Mountain Shadows got its hotel done.  So did Andaz.  The Hermosa Inn refurbished.  And that’s just locally.
There’s no question the Ritz plan is very big and very complex.  It takes time.  But this much time?  Rumors abound far beyond the articles above.
It’s up to owners and principals to step forward now and candidly describe the project’s state of the union, good or bad.
The four people who stuck their political necks out deserve it.  So do all the residents that turned out in force to encourage the project along.  So does the town government who must budget for the community based on certain assumptions and activity.
Honesty and candor have a way of working during knotty times.  Especially in Paradise Valley.  People get it.  People understand.
Ritz owners and backers need to understand this soon.  Otherwise the stench of failure will start wafting their way, and to the marketplace.  And no amount of ads or pretty pictures will work as air fresheners.