What This race Is All About

By Felecia Rotellini
From the very beginning of this campaign, I have not wavered in my goal to return the focus of the Attorney General’s Office back to prosecuting criminals and protecting Arizona families. rotellini
With the campaign heating up, I want to make sure you know what this race is really about and, if elected, what I will do as Arizona’s next Attorney General.
Here are a few of the issues I will focus on:
Consumer Protection Initiatives to Protect Arizona’s Senior Citizens
We need an enhanced Senior Fraud Unit within the Consumer Protection Section of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. This Unit will work closely with the Arizona Department of Economic Security’s Adult Protective Services; local, state and federal law enforcement agencies; the criminal division of the Attorney General’s Office; private sector attorneys and non-profit organizations to focus resources on the scams and fraudsters who pose the greatest threat to Arizona’s senior citizens.
Protecting Arizonans from the Mexican Drug Cartels, Human Smugglers, and Organized Crime
I propose a two pronged attack of simultaneously and vigorously prosecuting and demanding harsh prison sentences for cartels and human smugglers, while at the same time destroying the ability of the criminals to financially profit by utilizing Arizona’s RICO statutes to seize their assets.
Protecting Our Children Against Internet Predators
Too many of our children have fallen prey to sexual predators who gain the confidence of their young victims through fraud and deception. The result is often disastrous for the child and their family. As the state’s top law enforcement officer, I believe it is imperative that the Attorney General take the lead in prosecuting internet stalkers who prey upon our children. I intend to pursue them, convict them and slam the cell door shut on them. Read more
Putting an End to Domestic Violence
A coordinated effort is necessary to correct this injustice. As Attorney General I will make available the resources of my office to assist local law enforcement and provide leadership to correct the failures of the system. Read more
Combating Sex Trafficking
I will create a Sex Trafficking and Crimes Against Children Unit within the Criminal Division of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office to focus on crimes against children and the investigation, prosecution and prevention of sex slavery in Arizona. I will dedicate resources, through grants, available moneys from prosecutorial funds and legislative appropriations, to the investigation, prosecution and prevention of sex slavery and trafficking in Arizona. Additionally, I will use the expertise of the AGO in forfeiture/racketeering cases to go after the assets of sex trafficking perpetrators so that their entire operation will be shut down.
For more plans and additional information please visit FeleciaforArizona.com