Welcome Bernie Sanders to AZ

By AZ progressives
Last weekend the Arizona media lost their minds over Donald Trump coming to Phoenix. This weekend, Bernie Sanders is hosting a rally in Phoenix — and despite the media hyperventilation over Trump…we’re hearing the Sanders crowd is going to be MUCH BIGGER.
That’s because we have a strong and proud community of progressives here in Arizona fighting for our values (even if the media never notices). So to show how PUMPED we are to flex our progressive muscles this weekend, will you sign your name to welcome Bernie Sanders to Arizona?
Friend, no matter who you support in our Democratic primary, you’ve gotta love that the strength and size of our progressive community will be on full display this weekend.

One week after Trump humiliated our state with his hateful rhetoric, word is Sanders could bring out twice as many people for a rally focused on income inequality, climate change and getting money out of politics. That’s amazing! 
So please, join us in welcoming Bernie Sanders to Arizona.
— AZ Progressives