We won!

By Elect Bolick for Arizona
As you may know, we won the Legislative District 28 (LD 28) House primary. Thank you to all of our supporters, volunteers, endorsers, and donors. Without you our win would not have been possible.
The general election battle is tough, but winnable. LD 28 is the only Arizona legislative district carried by Mitt Romney that is represented by a Democrat. The Democratic incumbent barely edged out the Republican nominee two years ago. shana
Where the Democrat has the edge is cash on hand. While I had a tough primary, he faced no opponent. I saved a significant amount for the general election, but our opponent starts with a 3-1 money edge. We need to replenish our campaign funds to win — and quickly, given the short time remaining between now and Election Day on Tuesday, November 4th.
Can I count on you to boost me over the top in November?
The policy differences between myself and our Democratic opponent are stark. He opposes all forms of school choice, while I support it passionately. He is a reliable vote for higher taxes and bigger government; I oppose both. He even voted against Right to Try, which would give terminally ill patients the right to access drugs through their physicians that could save or extend their lives.
We can win this race, but I need your help today. I can become a legislative champion for education reform and a vibrant economy. General election contributions are limited to $2,000 per person or $4,000 per couple. Please contribute as much as you can — any amount helps!
I look forward to continuing our effort to preserve our precious freedoms. I promise I will continue working hard and smart to add an urgently, needed pro-freedom voice to the Legislature.
Thank you for your confidence and support and for all you do to protect our endangered freedoms.
All my best,