We Do Not Want Obamacare

Arizona is worth Fighting For.
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We need your help. If everyone who opens this email donates just $20 we can impact this primary season in a way never before seen in Arizona. The Alliance of Principled Conservatives has never wavered from our mission of stopping the Obama-Progressive-Liberal agenda in Arizona. We defined the Brewercrats. We called OBrewercare. And we have worked across this State emboldening the Grassroots and the Alliance has the attention of the opposition.
Your donation will make a difference because the Alliance knows how to deliver hard-hitting campaigns.
We are being heard – we do NOT want Obamacare.
We started the Tea Party because we do NOT want Obamacare.
AZ legislative districts passed resolutions across the entire state saying ‘we do NOT want Obamacare.’
We now have primaries against the majority of the LegisTraitors because we do NOT want Obamacare.
When the AZ Central wants information about the 2014 elections they go to the Alliance. This article shows that the same people who worked to oppose our referendum efforts are now working to keep the LegisTraitors.
Help us to stop them.
Arizona is worth fighting for.
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Alliance for Principled Conservatives
Christine Bauserman, Chair
Frank Antenori, Co-Chair