Wait for What?

By Marco Rubio
Last night, in the latest Republican presidential debate, one of the moderators actually asked me if I should “slow down.” That’s exactly what the establishment has been telling me for years. That I should “wait my turn.”
Wait for what? This country is running out of time:
• Millions of people are living paycheck to paycheck at the same time they’re working as hard as they ever have because everything costs more. They have not had a real raise in decades.
• Small businesses are struggling: more businesses are closing than opening.
• We live in a world that’s out of control, with a president who’s weakening our military and doubling down on a failed foreign policy while our adversaries continue to grow stronger.
The time to act is now, the time to turn the page is now. If we don’t act now, we’ll be the first generation that leaves our children worse off than ourselves.
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With your help and support, I’ll be the leader that turns our country around and ensures the 21st Century is an American Century.

But you saw last night just how difficult our task will be with the mainstream media acting as Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC.
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Marco Rubio
P.S. I couldn’t believe it when one of the moderators misled about my tax plan — despite having to correct a story earlier this month where he made the exact same claim! Your financial support enables us to level the playing field.