Under constant attack by Ted Cruz

Monday I announced my campaign for President, and ever since, I’ve been under constant attack.
Will you chip in $5 — or even $35 — to help me fight back?
You see, the liberal media has called me every name in the book — attacking me for everything from announcing my campaign at a Christian university to listening to country music.
I want you to see a few of the headlines and just how truly desperate the Left is to discredit and destroy me:

“I think he’s the worst. I think he’s scary, I think he’s dangerous, I think he’s slimy and I think he brings no fresh ideas.” – Donny Deutsch & MSNBC
“Ted Cruz’s phenomenally bad idea” – Washington Post
“Ted Cruz’s ‘country music’ drivel: What’s really behind his musical conversion” – Salon.com
“Can You ‘Imagine’ Ted Cruz as President?” – The New Yorker

Every day since I announced, I have been faced with a new set of attacks with each more vulgar than the last.
One thing is clear; the so-called “tolerant” Left is a myth. They are unable and unwilling to engage beyond their redistributive, socialist agenda and inflammatory rhetoric.
That’s why I’m reaching out to you today with a personal request.
Will you help me fend off the Left’s attacks by clicking below and making an instant, secure emergency contribution?
Our country cannot withstand another day of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the liberal Democrats’ socialist policies — and that’s why I’m running for President.
Together we can lead the fight to reignite liberty and restore the true promise of America.
We must rise up against the liberal agenda and restore America’s promise, honor the Constitution, and re-establish our leadership in the world.
I’m ready to stand, are you?
My campaign is less than a week old and I’m already drawing fire from every media outlet in the country…here’s what that means for my campaign:

It’s how I know we are on the right track. The Left is fighting this hard against me because they know our ideas will fundamentally reverse Barack Obama’s policies.
I need your immediate support to counteract their hatred and lies. Please, follow this link and chip in at least $5 — or as much as $35 — please do it right now if you can.

I announced for President to reignite liberty and restore the true promise of America.
Will you stand with me?
Will you chip in just $5 — or maybe even $35 — and together we will restore America.
For liberty,
Ted Cruz