Undecided Winning

Scottsdale’s large next door neighbor is having its election March 12th to replace former Phoenix Mayor and now Congressman Greg Stanton.  

But soon enough the race to replace term-limited Mayor, Jim Lane, in the “West’s Most Western Town” may take the form of a shootout at the OK Corral.  

Buzz is swirling around a political heavyweight match-up between current Councilmembers Suzanne Klapp and Virginia Korte in 2020.  Korte has wanted the seat for years.  Klapp is more reluctant, though buoyed of late by the success of Proposition 420, a measure she supported and Korte opposed.    

According to our sources a very reputable poll done last week among 300 likely voters in Scottsdale found “undecided” to be winning at this point, by a lot.  Among those that did have an opinion Korte was leading with 15% followed closely by Klapp at 11%.  Stay tuned . . .

UPDATE:  No one asked us if John Karolzak was included in the 2020 mayoral polling question, but we thought it might be helpful to answer anyhow:  no.  Poll backers, similar to us, probably thought there would be more logic in putting James Spader’s name on there, an actor from the movie Less Than Zero, a perfect description of Karolzak’s chances.