Two Arizona Original Musicals, Including Award Winning ¡Americano! Are Headed to The Big Apple for Double 29-Hour Readings

¡Americano! The Musical and The Ghost of John McCain Will Be Performed In Front Of Live Audiences In New York City On January 11th And 12th

Quixote Productions, founded by Arizona entrepreneur and public relations executive Jason Rose, is proud to announce the next chapter, a 29-hour double reading in New York City for two of Arizona’s most ambitious original musicals.

The first of the two musicals¡Americano! The Musical, originally debuted at The Phoenix Theatre Company in February 2020, where it enjoyed unparalleled success, boasting the best box office run of any original musical in the theatre’s over 100-year history. Following a five-week off-Broadway stint in New York City, witnessed by luminaries like President Barack Obama and Lin Manuel Miranda, the show has undergone important revisions in pursuit of its Broadway dreams. Audiences are, by invitation only, invited to see ¡Americano! performed on 11am and 3pm on January 12th at New 42 Studios near Times Square

¡Americano! chronicles the compelling and inspiring true story of Tony Valdovinos, a Phoenix native who, driven by the events of 9/11, aspires to serve in the Marines. However, upon attempting to enlist on his 18th birthday, Tony discovers he is an undocumented immigrant—a Dreamer. Fueled by determination, community support, and a new mission, Tony sets out to make history, create positive change, and inspire others. The upcoming reading will mark the premiere of the freshly re-imagined script, representing a significant milestone for the first Arizona-originated musical vying for a coveted Broadway slot.

¡Americano! is produced by Quixote ProductionsJason RoseMichael BarnardJonathan RosenbergFernanda SantosLynn LondenDavid TedescoRobert MezaGeorge and Leesa WeiszKeith MishkinSayu BhojwaniKen DavenportRyan Duncan-AyalaCarrie Martz and Executive Producer Chicanos Por La Causa.

The second musical, The Ghost of John McCain, will be performed LIVE on Thursday, January 11th at 2:30 pm at Sunlight Studios in New York City. This hilariously funny one-act production was co-conceived by Jason Rose and the late former Arizona Attorney Grant Woods. It is being co-produced by Rose and renowned Arizona political consultant Max Fose. The absurdist overture takes audiences on a journey into the afterlife, where Senator John McCain finds himself trapped inside the mind of none other than Donald Trump.

As McCain navigates the surreal landscape within Trump’s consciousness, a “Greek Chorus” of iconic figures, including Hillary Clinton, Roy Cohn, Eva Peron, Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Jordan, and Lindsey Graham, rebel against the President’s relentless demands for affirmation. Authored by Scott Elmegreen, with Drew Fornarola serving as composer and lyricist, The Ghost of John McCain offers a unique psychological exploration of power, rivalry, and the human condition.

Both musicals will be performed in front of live audiences and RSVP is limited required. For Americano please RSVP to

For The Ghost of John McCain please contact

A “29-Hour Reading” is one in which the work is rehearsed by actors for 29 hours and then presented in a studio space to music but without choreography. The intense 29-hour preparation period adds an element of excitement to the private live performance.