Together we can make our great city even better.

By Scottsdale Councilmember Virginia Korte
Last week we took the first significant step in solving our city’s infrastructure issues.virginiakorte_bio
Mayor Lane appointed me and Councilmembers Guy Phillips and David Smith to a new Council Capital Improvement Project Subcommittee.  The three us will be officially confirmed at the Council meeting on Tuesday, February 21st.
Recently, the city staff presented more than 40 capital improvement projects for the Council’s consideration.  The total cost of the projects is estimated to be $84 million. That is a lot of money, and, quite candidly, it is going to be a challenge finding the funding for those projects.  And this is the “tip” of the proverbial iceberg with our growing needs for reinvestment in the city’s infrastructure. It will take a combination of several different options to pay for all the projects over time. 
That is why Mayor Lane believed it would be wise to establish a three-person subcommittee to begin working on the issue.
As I have mentioned in previous emails, my number one priority this year is to begin addressing our infrastructure issues.  I thank Mayor Lane for not only having the foresight to create the subcommittee, but also appointing me to serve on it.
I am looking forward to working with Councilmen Phillips and Smith on what I am sure will have a productive outcome.
PS:  I invite you to give me your thoughts about capital improvement projects at