To the Arizona Worker

By Steve Farley for Governor

When we think of the labor movement in Arizona, we are reminded of notable pieces of our past and present.

From the Old Dominion miners in Globe who striked against wage decreases in 1896, to the ironworkers who helped build skyscrapers like Chase Tower in Phoenix – unions have always played a role in everyday life here in Arizona.
We think of AFSCME members who ensure our cities and towns like Peoria operate effectively, and teachers unions like AFT and the NEA who make sure our children have the best possible future.
These men and women from across the state work hard every single day to make sure Arizona is the best state in the nation –– and it is their unions that fight tooth and nail to protect them every step of the way.
Each of us benefits from the labor movement’s accomplishments, whether you are a union member or not.
Weekends, minimum wage, child labor laws, workplace safety — we sometimes take the work of labor unions for granted.
These benefits were paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of our union Brothers and Sisters that fought in Arizona and in states across the country to protect the American worker.
That’s why on this Labor Day, I want to take a moment to not only thank unions around Arizona for their hard work in the past, but also tell them that I stand with them and their future fights for Arizona’s workers’ rights.
To the men and women of the Arizona AFL-CIO, Ironworkers Union Local 75, AFSCME, Teamsters Local 104, UA Local 469, Carpenters Local 1912, IBEW Local 640, SMART 1081, and the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, and every union across the state:
Thank you for all your hard work and know that I stand with you. Arizona is what it is because of you.
Keep it up,