Time To Douse The SmokeTree In PV

The most learned member about hotel issues on either the Town of Paradise Valley’s Planning Commission or Town Council calls the proposed supersizing of the old SmokeTree Resort property “motel-style.”

The respected Planning Commission rejected the developer’s requests.

The plan appears to be the densest ever proposed in the community’s history.

It appears to violate Paradise Valley’s popular General Plan.

The political albatross it is remains an almost comical entitlement subsidy for a hotel developer that simply paid too much for the land and needs too much on it to make it work financially.

The developer has unseemly relations with at least one member of Town Council.

A new year hasn’t changed the old problems with the dubious development plan for the SmokeTree.  It’s long past time for the Paradise Valley Town Council to put this proposal out of its misery when it evaluates it, again, later this month. The quicker it does so the quicker the property owner and potential developers will understand the Andaz and Hermosa Inn are much more acceptable reincarnations than the community’s first motel.