Time To Support Phil

By Sal DiCiccio
Dear Friend,
I’m writing today on behalf of Phil Lovas, who is running for the 8th Congressional District seat.
I’ve known Phil for years and truly believe he’s the best choice to send to Congress. I also believe he has the best chance to win the special primary election on Feb. 27. Phil is a smart, dedicated, family man who believes the best government is a small government. He is committed to draining the swamp in Washington and protecting America. Phil supports term limits, ending pensions for members of Congress and making Congress live by the same laws they pass for us. He is a secure border advocate who also believes in a strong defense.
Phil previously served as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives. While there, he repeatedly voted to cut taxes and reduce the big hand of government. I’ve seen him in action defend small businesses from burdensome regulations while in the legislature and I have no doubt he will fight against big government as a member of Congress. 
I fully endorse Phil and think you should consider donating both your time and financial resources to make sure he wins the primary in late February. Here is a link to donate to Phil’s campaign: https://www.efundraisingconnections.com/c/PhilLovas
The financial reporting cut-off for this campaign is Sunday (December 31). If you would be willing to support him before then it would go a long way. Thank you for your consideration of this request.