It’s Time For A Preserve Tax In Paradise Valley

If Scottsdale is Beverly Hills its next door neighbor in Paradise Valley is Bel Air.  Two great communities in California, just as they are in Arizona.  Bel Air has a superiority complex towards its better known proximate, not unlike Paradise Valley exhibits to Scottsdale.
Yet, in one area there’s no doubt where Scottsdale shines far more:  preserving its mountains.  IMG_4155
A view of the McDowell Mountains in north Scottsdale is to see a beautiful face without blemishes.  Mummy Mountain and Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley?  Full of acne.  Well-heeled, mind you.
The Town of Paradise Valley has long had a noble commitment to private property rights.  As did Scottsdale until a band of visionaries like by people such as Drinkwater, Carla, Rau, Decabooter and Korte decided the McDowell Mountains were a treasure worth preserving.  And voters agreed.  What private property was needed for the McDowell Sonoran Preserve was acquired by fair market value.  Today, two decades later, Scottsdale’s tourism, recreation and quality of life are the better for it.  
It’s time for Paradise Valley to do the same.  The so called Mummy Mountain Preservation Trust (or some name like that) has been ineffectual.  On Camelback Mountain an angry arrogant has arrived to announce he is king of the mountain, his Taj Mahal a monument to ego.  “Save Camelback Mountain” signs have popped up and a great discussion is taking place about the project’s future.
Now is the time to use the debate to not only address the single issue at hand but a broader vision for preservation in Paradise Valley.  Town finances are in as good of shape has they have been for a long-time.  And, importantly, there was no public outcry when the Town significantly increased its sales tax several years back.
Come up with a preserve plan and put it to a public vote.  If Scottsdale can do it why can’t Paradise Valley?
We thinks it will be a most popular notion, just as it has been to the east.