This May Get The Phoenix Coyotes’ Attention

Arizona’s NHL franchise avoided a public vote following the Glendale City Council’s split decision to award its new owners a $15 million payment. Such a referendum election would have likely torpedoed the transition to new ownership since it would have delayed ratification of the city agreement until after the season 8lqmtthh0w2wgumr6goswqmkiwas to begin.
The saga that has been hockey ownership in the desert was thought to be over, at least for the next five years. But a movement taking place in Ohio raises new questions for hockey fans. There, a group is seeking to unravel via a citizen’s initiative an agreement for local government to fund the arena for the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets, a structure that may have some parallels to the Glendale situation.
Legal experts appear to disagree whether such a legal right granted citizens can upend legal rights spelled out in contracts.
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For Coyotes fans this is a debate that may hit a little too close to home and that could get a little too interesting should what angst existed over the summer still exist. We question whether such will and resources exist. Still, does what happens in Ohio, stay in Ohio?