The Milwaukee Brewers Go To Scottsdale?

The late and legendary former Mayor of Scottsdale Herb Drinkwater decades ago dreamt what has indeed become true:  the WestWorld of Scottsdale area has become an epicenter for Valley activity.
Drinkwater lured the Phoenix Open to former boondocker country from comfy country club confines, Brewersand then convinced Barrett-Jackson to go north too.
Now, the country’s largest golf tournament, car auction and Arabian horse show all call the area home.  So does the wildly popular Ice Den as well as one of the finest residential communities built in America over the past three decades, DC Ranch.
Indeed, both Barrett-Jackson and the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show are set to move into the new $50 million Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center at WestWorld over the next two months, solidifying their place in the Northeast Valley for the foreseeable future.
Years prior to this pending fulfillment of Drinkwater’s vision Scottsdale was administered by a City Manager named Jan Dolan, best described as a municipal Cruella Deville.
Among her achievements was leading the charge at the height of the real estate market for Scottsdale to pay some $55 million to buy 80 acres from the Arizona State Land Department, at a time when she and council incoherence couldn’t quite figure out what to do with WestWorld.
It was a curious move since the property has never been used for WestWorld parking or assistance.  Yet, there it sits in such proximity to wealth and activity. The question has always been, what to do with it now?
Enter the Cactus League training Milwaukee Brewers who are seeking to emigrate from Maryvale to its antithesis.
A fine vision for certain and one Mayor Drinkwater is surely looking down on with favor.  But the very big question is how would the MLB franchise or the City of Scottsdale pay for it?  And another:  since the site might arguable be the best one in America for a new spring training facility are the Yankees or Red Sox available instead?