The Case of Michele Reagan: Lady Luck Not On Her Side

Arizona State Senator Michele Reagan is one of the most likable people in all of state politics. She has her own style and compelling nature that is refreshingly authentic in an age of political clones. Reagan has been a dynamic and effective representative for her district that covers much of Scottsdale.
And for years it has been known she has wanted to be Arizona’s next Secretary of State. And she would likely do a fine job. Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-10_34_40-AM2-78220_641x340
But sometimes in politics things just break against you. And when they do it’s OK to re-evaluate. And it should be the responsibility of a consultant to shoot straight rather than walk a candidate into a wall.
Let’s take stock.
Yesterday, Reagan reported having about $100,000 in cash on hand for her Republican primary run. That’s a new definition of pissing in the wind with the well-funded Wil Cardon facing her for the GOP nomination and Terry Goddard ready after that as one of the more formidable Democrats to ever pursue the post. And this amount very likely defers a good amount of campaign expenses relegating her real total to less than spun.
Then there’s the Fiesta Bowl ticket scandal. She was for taking junkets before being against them via new legislation she is pushing at the State Capitol. Cardon is already hammering her on this front. And if rumors can be believed, the deep-pocketed one has an enormous polling advantage over Reagan at present.
Last year Reagan embarked on what was supposed to be her signature legislative achievement, readying her case for a Secretary of State’s bid. But that bill, HB 2305, is about to be repealed by her fellow Republicans because of the political albatross it has become.
And as Secretary of State a primary responsibility is regulating lobbyists. Yet, the primary source of Regan’s fundraising is from those same lobbyists.
This is tortured.
We will be among the first to encourage Reagan’s return to the arena after this show ends as we know it will. It’s just painful to watch now.