the candidate to bring integrity back to the Attorney General’s Office”

Felicia Rotellini News release:
That is what major newspapers are saying about our campaign. I am honored to have their endorsement and support to return the focus of the Arizona Attorney General’s office to its core mission: prosecuting criminals and protecting Arizona families.
Our team has been working hard these last 20 months and people are taking notice. Take a look at what some of the editorial boards had to say:
Arizona Republic
In close call, Rotellini for Arizona attorney general
“Having worked in the office, Rotellini will face no learning curve. She knows which divisions are most vital and need the most attention… She understands — and can mentor staff attorneys — on how to go after consumer fraud and the excesses of large companies. That makes her experience more germane to the work of the attorney general”

Arizona Daily Star
Endorsement: Rotellini for attorney general
“The Star believes Democrat Felecia Rotellini is the candidate to bring integrity back to the Attorney General’s Office and ensure it is representing state agencies, going after money laundering and drug cartels and protecting residents from consumer fraud.”
Casa Grande Dispatch
Editorial: Rotellini for AG
“We are endorsing Rotellini because of her experience in the AG’s office, which will need some fixing after Horne leaves.”
Sierra Vista Herald
OUR VIEW: Rotellini for Attorney General
“Felecia Rotellini is the best choice to bring the focus of the Attorney General’s office back to its intended purpose. Her 13 years of experience as a criminal and civil prosecutor serving under three different Attorneys General — both Republican and Democrat — and her current focus on what needs to be done, distinguish her credibility.”
Tucson Weekly
Basically, vote for these people and everything will be fine
“Felecia Rotellini has plenty of experience in the attorney general’s office. She cut her teeth working for former AGs Grant Woods and Janet Napolitano, untangling complex cases such as the swindling of trusting seniors who invested in the Baptist Foundation of Arizona. She’s not going to look for legal fights to deny women the right to an abortion or to block gays from receiving equal rights or to make life tougher for immigrant kids who are trying to make a better life for themselves. Vote Rotellini.”
We are gaining a lot of momentum, but we need to continue to build more in these last three weeks. Please contribute today to help us keep this going.
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