The Arts in Scottsdale

By Linda Milhaven
Over my many years in Scottsdale, including eight years on City Council, I have had the opportunity to work with many people who dedicate their time and talents to making Scottsdale a special place.
The arts have always been a significant part of the heart and soul of our community. It was my honor to serve as the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Scottsdale Arts (formerly Scottsdale Cultural Council). As a Councilwoman, I am proud to continue to support the arts in Scottsdale and to have the endorsement of others who support arts in our community.

I worked with Shannon Scutari to save Greasepaint Youtheatre:
“You can always count on Linda Milhaven to step up when the community needs a voice at Scottsdale City Hall. When Greasepaint Youtheatre was experiencing challenges working with the City of Scottsdale and on the brink of having to relocate its valuable community services outside of downtown Scottsdale, Councilwoman Milhaven stepped up and saved the theatre. Greasepaint Youtheatre’s programs and performances have benefited tens of thousands of children, young adults and families since 1968. Thank you Linda Milhaven for working with the community to keep Greasepaint in its Scottsdale home.”
Shannon Scutari–
I worked with Ellen Andres-Schneider in support of the Scottsdale Culinary Festival and again on the Board of Trustees of Scottsdale Arts:
“I have known Linda for 25 years and appreciate how she listens, collaborates and dedicates herself to the betterment of our community.
Linda’s dedication is evident in how she approaches, researches and deliberates the myriad issues brought before City Council. She is passionate about youth, veterans, education, business, culture and heritage. Her perspective embraces diversity and her focus and decisions strive to always reflect what is in the best interests of Scottsdale residents. When it comes to experience, commitment and knowledge, Linda is a proven community leader and member of the City Council.”
–Ellen Andres-Schneider–
I hope you will allow me to continue to work on your behalf to keep Scottsdale special and re-elect me to Scottsdale City Council on November 6th. Thank you.