That Was A Close One

Just a couple of months back Scottsdale almost had a lot more than proverbial egg on its face.  It almost had a whole carton making its mug unrecognizable.
That’s when some on the Scottsdale City Council were actually considering not allowing the BASIS charter school to relocate and expand its presence on Shea Boulevard.  Fortunately, Mayor Lane, Suzanne Klapp and Linda Milhaven led the charge, and with assists from Governor Ducey and Attorney General Brnovich everyone else but Councilman Guy Phillips came along for the ride.
Imagine if the right decision wouldn’t have been made by Scottsdale and then these national school rankings by U.S. News & World Report came out? 
They show BASIS Scottsdale as the top school in Arizona and the number two school in the entire country, out of nearly 22,000.
Rather than enroll Scottsdale in the witness protection program for economic development the city’s mature leaders have ensured its reputation remains strong.  And it continues to be the host for best in class(room).