Thanks You From David Smith

Dear Friends…
In this Tuesday’s primary election, Scottsdale citizens gave me the third highest total for any candidate! While I am personally grateful and humbled by this result, I actually consider each of these a vote for Fiscal Integrity, Citizen Vision and Accountability in local government.
I could not have achieved this extraordinary result in so short a period of time without the tireless efforts and enthusiastic support of each of you. Together, we have overcome some daunting challenges in getting where we are today:
• We were a late-comer to this Council race, starting several months after others.
• We are the only candidate among Tuesday’s four top vote-getters who has never run for or held public office.
• We determined to finance this campaign principally with the financial support of individuals, shunning the support of bar owners and other special interest groups.
• We pledged to place no campaign signs in public areas, respecting our city’s vista views.
• We have borne the brunt of attacks from well-financed political committees who refuse to disclose the special interest groups that have funded their activities.
Together, we have achieved much to be proud of, and now we are challenged to carry this message and this candidacy on to victory on November 4.
Thank you again for your continued support.