Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Nothing beats sitting at a ballpark on a sunny day, watching your favorite team with a hot dog and ice cold beer in hand. This has become a symbolic scene in American culture and a tradition Peoria Sports Complex celebrates as it kicks off its 25th year.
In 1994, Peoria Sports Complex became the first dual-team spring training facility in the country and with it an economic surge for the West Valley.
According to recent statistics, 67% of tourists stated spring training as their primary reason for visiting Arizona, according to a study conducted by the Cactus League Baseball Association. Arizona welcomed over 1.7 million fans last year alone. And, the economic impact to Arizona in 2015 alone was $809 million. 
Arizona leaders have used baseball as an opportunity to draw business and tourists to the desert. And few have done it better than Peoria.
These are all great things for the Arizona economy.
Baseball is America’s pastime and has become a staple of the Arizona spring season. Since 1994, Arizona has opened 10 additional spring training parks; welcoming more fans and disposable income.
The 25th anniversary of the Peoria Sports Complex celebrates the success of spring training bringing new and old fans close to the game while moving our economy forward. So congratulations and thank you Peoria. You continue to hit home runs for the Cactus League and all of Arizona.