Scandal in SUSD cont.: Greenburg Must Go

Last week we spoke about the unfolding Greenburg scandal and called for him to resign. The potential consequences have been compounding at a rapid pace since then however. The SUSD board has since taken action, voting nearly unanimously to strip him of his title as Board President (Greenburg was the sole dissenting vote); he was then replaced for that role … Read More

Scandal at SUSD: Jann-Michael Greenburg Must Resign

The Scottsdale Unified School District is in full crisis mode as a recent discovery has turned into a bombshell: the Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg and his father Mark had compiled a dossier on over 50 parents in the district, including personal and financial information. The dossier was stored on Greenburg’s computer, and was discovered when he sent a screenshot … Read More

Quick Thinking Kids – How 6th Graders Helped Save an SUSD Bus Driver’s Life

Heroes can come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ages. Still, it is relatively rare to be able to call children heroes without hyperbole. Yet we can safely call some 6th graders from Scottsdale Unified just that as they helped save the life of their bus driver. Bus driver Krystal Hughes was having a medical emergency during their trip to … Read More

Guest Editorial: Not So Fast: The Crazies Must Be Heard

By Ronald Sampson We have previously written about the consistently wise actions coming out of the Scottsdale Unified School District governing board, and the many misled parents who decided to aggressively protest these moves, often in disruptive manners. Well now it seems that they have a powerful friend on their side: the Goldwater Institute. For those who are unaware, the … Read More

COVID in Scottsdale: SUSD Implements Mask Mandate

Last week we spoke about a Covid crisis underway at Scottsdale Unified; the district governing board got the message and took quick and decisive action last week and implemented a mask mandate last week. The decisive 4-1 vote sets up another potential showdown with Governor Ducey; last week he announced that he would withhold federal funds from schools that implemented … Read More

Guest Editorial: Many Questions but Few Answers

By Alexander Lomax In a shocking development last week, former Scottsdale Unified Superintendent Denise Birdwell was indicted by the Arizona Attorney General’s office on 18 felony charges related to kickbacks and fraud while in her role. It is alleged that millions of taxpayer dollars were improperly diverted to a construction firm which then rewarded her monetarily. Perhaps the most damning … Read More