A Scottsdale Giant Gets His Due: Don Carson

The Cactus League gives us all a chance to get out in the sun before it gets too warm, to have a few brews and check out some baseball with friends and family. Every once in a while it also offers a few surprises, such as an opportunity to recognize a local icon and his contributions to the area. The … Read More

Is It Time to Boycott the Cactus League?

Spring training baseball is an iconic part of Arizona. Every February to the end of March, people descend from around the country to escape winter and watch their favorite teams in a relaxed atmosphere, and us locals have ourselves a good reason to go see an inexpensive ballgame in beautiful weather. Even if we don’t care about the outcome, that’s … Read More

Spring Training is Likely Dead in 2022: What Does It Mean for Scottsdale?

It’s been an extremely unfortunate time for baseball fans. If you count yourselves amongst them, I don’t need to tell you that Major League Baseball is currently in a lock-out. This time of year is typically a great one for Arizona, as Cactus League games are in full force with fans taking in games with our fantastic early-spring weather. As … Read More