Lisa Borowsky and a Feisty Detractor

Typically in politics, enemy combatants are sly. Shots are very calculated and carefully done; after all, if your enemy assumes power, you don’t want to be the obvious target to which they can affix their ire and attempts at retribution. But sometimes, people of importance simply don’t care to fly under the radar. They dislike the candidate so much that … Read More

Guest Editorial: Milhaven Announcing Run for Mayor of Scottsdale

By Linda Milhaven I am honored to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Scottsdale. Scottsdale is one of the best cities in the world, and I am proud to have played a part in helping make this such a wonderful community. I look forward to continuing to protect and preserve what makes Scottsdale great while planning for … Read More

Scottsdale Mayor David D. Ortega Files for Second Term

Editor’s note: this is the press release sent out by the Ortega campaign this morning The Right Mayor at the Right Time for Scottsdale Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega files to run for a second term. Under his leadership, Scottsdale’s reputation as a beautiful, safe, clean and health-driven, world- class community has been strengthened.  Mayor Ortega focuses on supporting public safety, … Read More

She’s In: Linda Milhaven Jumps Into Scottsdale Mayoral Race

She’s In Former Scottsdale City Councilwoman Linda Milhaven earlier this week filed the paperwork to officially enter the 2024 race against Mayor David Ortega. Lisa Borowsky, also a former Scottsdale City Councilwoman and Ortega’s final foe in 2020, has left little doubt that she also intends to run. Even more interesting is yet another former — thrice elected Mayor Jim … Read More

Mayor Dave Ortega and the Inevitability of his Re-Election

By Alexander Lomax It is nearly a year away from election season, and making predictions this far out is a complete fool’s errand nearly all of the time. And yet, here I am playing the fool with a strong degree of confidence: Mayor Dave Ortega is all but certain to win re-election. How can I say this so confidently? Of … Read More

Looking Forward: The Scottsdale Mayoral Race

Next year will present many interesting electoral races; along with a Presidential race, Arizona will showcase what is likely to be one of the most interesting Senate races in the country, as well as all of the countywide races. But there will also be a host of local races, and for those of us in Scottsdale, the headline municipal race … Read More

Mayor Ortega Capitulates on Rio Verde Water Crisis, but Work is Left to Do

Public outrage has a way of swaying politicians. So does looking around and seeing that you’re on an island with a particular view. Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega apparently has learned this firsthand, and it seems to have shifted the conversation regarding the most notable and controversial topic so far this year. After public disagreement and obstinance, it now seems as … Read More

One Ortega Disgraces Scottsdale: Will the Other Get Penalized as a Result?

For not actually hosting the game, the city of Scottsdale had an incredible amount of national attention last week. Between our fantastic restaurants and nightlife, the convergence of the WM Open, and the general infrastructure to entertain tens of thousands of tourists, the global media complex descended on our fair city. It was brilliant, save for one black eye… You … Read More