Does Arizona Have a Satan Problem? One Legislator Thinks So

We don’t often talk about religion on this blog, because our political views are often divisive enough so why toss gasoline on that fire? But every once in a while, a religious topic comes up that is so absurdly amusing that we must talk about it. Apparently, according to the “Freedom Caucus” at the state legislature, Satan is a clear … Read More

Religious Freedom or Ridiculous? A Satanic conference is coming to Scottsdale

How far can religious freedom go? Can it extend all the way to absurdity? Those boundaries are being tested in Scottsdale as we speak…by Satanists. The Satanic Temple of Salem announced on Instagram that it will be holding their first conference, named SatanCon, in Scottsdale next February. There likely won’t be any ritualistic sacrifices nor biting off of bats’ heads. … Read More