The Road Diets Debate is Getting Spicy in Scottsdale

Municipal politics is generally a practice of the mundane and the relentlessly boring for the typical outsider (and many insiders). Meetings are often inundated with procedure and are full of subjects such as zoning details; not exactly Mr. Smith Goes to Washington material. But sometimes even the mundane, such as the topic of bike lanes, can get spicy in its … Read More

Guest Editorial: Road Diets: To Be or Not to Be

By Councilwoman Betty Janik On March 21, City Council approved lane reductions (Road Diets) for 68th Street from Osborn north to Indian School. This continues to spark controversy.  Over 30 individuals spoke at the meeting representing both sides.  I have received hundreds of emails with about 85% in opposition to lane reductions. I also spoke to several icons of Scottsdale … Read More