Scottsdale’s Not Going On a Diet: Road Diets are Ditched

As political commentators and pundits, we love a good spicy topic. There’s nothing like contention to bring in scores of people to otherwise sleepy city council meetings, to give impassioned speeches (or screeds), to beg, plea, shame and perform histrionic incantations to their leaders to attempt to get them on their side. It’s truly entertaining. Those of us in Scottsdale … Read More

Scottsdale’s Fight Against the Heat: Why It’s Falling Behind

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you…it’s been a hot summer so far. Obnoxiously hot. And while there’s not a ton that our city can do to alleviate that, it is not entirely powerless. That said, it’s fallen behind some of its neighbors in its efforts to mitigate the urban heat effect. So why is that? First of all, … Read More

The Road Diets Debate is Getting Spicy in Scottsdale

Municipal politics is generally a practice of the mundane and the relentlessly boring for the typical outsider (and many insiders). Meetings are often inundated with procedure and are full of subjects such as zoning details; not exactly Mr. Smith Goes to Washington material. But sometimes even the mundane, such as the topic of bike lanes, can get spicy in its … Read More