Statement from Supervisor Thomas Galvin on Rio Verde Foothills Standpipe Decision

“The Arizona Corporation Commission approved EPCOR’s application to construct a standpipe for water service to the Rio Verde Foothills community today. This is the long-term solution that I worked towards since becoming a member of the Board of Supervisors and serving District 2. I am happy that the good folks in Rio Verde Foothills will have a long-term, reliable water … Read More

Guest Editorial: Defending Scottsdale water is no vice

By Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega This week, two significant water-related issues made the headlines. First, Governor Hobbs acted to stop Fondomonte, the Saudi Arabia-owned alfalfa farm, to halt it from draining billions of gallons of Arizona groundwater. Secondly, the Rio Verde Standpipe District met state statutes and City of Scottsdale’s stringent requirements to operate, serving Rio Verde Foothills (RVF). Supervisor … Read More

Real Progress: the Rio Verde Foothills Step Closer to Normalcy

It has been quite the roller coaster for the residents of the Rio Verde Foothills and their attempt to secure a long term source for water; you can get fully up to date here. Through nearly a full year of ups and downs, of political grandstanding and anger from the citizenry, the people in this region have taken a significant … Read More

The Scottsdale Diamond Fire: Lessons in Bravery, Vulnerability and Recklessness

The recent Diamond Fire in North Scottsdale struck serious concerns, if not outright fear, into many area residents. It is entirely contained at the time of writing, but many residents still can’t claim to be completely out of the metaphorical woods yet when it comes to emotional damage. Widespread fires are not an issue that plague the Valley very often, … Read More

Guest Editorial: SB1432 – A Win for Scottsdale, Rio Verde Foothills Residents, and Arizona

By Councilmember Solange Whitehead This past week, Governor Katie Hobbs signed SB1432 into law with an emergency clause. The bipartisan bill creates a path to water security for Rio Verde Foothills residents. I discussed the new law with Mark Brodie on KJZZ’s The Show this week. In passing the law, the State ends a water crisis created in part by … Read More

Finally…A Resolution to the Rio Verde Foothills Water Crisis. For Now.

What an incredibly tumultuous six months it has been for the residents of the Rio Verde Foothills and their pursuit of secured water supply; you can get fully up to date here. After a few head fakes and potential resolutions, it looks like finally a solution is in place. Governor Katie Hobbs is widely assumed to sign into law HB … Read More