Construction is Underway on the Next Phase of One Scottsdale Located North of Loop 101

North Scottsdale Property Among Best Locations in the Valley  DMB Associates, Inc., the developers behind highly acclaimed DC Ranch and numerous other communities across the Phoenix metropolitan area, announced that construction has started, and activity is thriving on the next phases of One Scottsdale, comprised of 75 acres just north of Loop 101 on Scottsdale Road.    The 21-acre portion … Read More

Cullum Homes is Building a New Industry With its Expanding Renovations Division

Cullum Homes’ Renovations Division has grown from half a million in sales in 2009 to $12 million projected for 2022 Cullum Homes has been building award winning homes since 1985 in the finest neighborhoods of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale. Led by Rod and Kim Cullum, alongside daughter Lindsay Cullum-Colwell and son-in-law, Paul Colwell, the Scottsdale-based builder is well known for … Read More

AZ Legislators Again Try to Address Housing Issues, but It’s Simple: Build More

We have spoken frequently about the issues of high rent in the region, and the need for more housing options. The extreme bill that was introduced into the legislature that would have nullified city and town zoning capabilities died a swift death. That said, the legislature is still trying to resolve an issue that they shouldn’t need to address. One … Read More

Guest Editorial: Kid! Get Off My Lawn.

By Mike Norton The “growth years” for Scottsdale long ago ended. From 1970 through early 2000’s, Scottsdale grew steadily. Compared to today, we were a vibrant, comparably young, and thriving community. Family Friendly housing developments and the expansion of superb school networks dominated those decades. Not only were there no complaints about growth, we embraced growth and enjoyed it. From … Read More

Mesa Gets It, Why Doesn’t Scottsdale?

Regular readers of this blog have no doubt read about our disappointment over the lack of vision and forward-thinking regarding development. One frequent example that we have lamented about is the difficulty that the Ironwood 92 project has encountered as it attempts to make its way through the approval process. A fantastic project that has the unanimous support of the businesses … Read More

Guest Editorial: 20 Applicants for Every Vacant Apartment

By Larry Kush I recently read an article in a nationally published apartment industry report called Rent Cafe, which stated that Scottsdale” renters struggled to find an apartment in our city where they met an awful mix of high occupancy rates of 96.3%, and 20 applicants competing for every vacant apartment that on average, stayed available for just 25 days.” … Read More

Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty Presents Properties with the Most Decadent Dining Rooms for this Holiday Season

See why these dining rooms from Arizona’s leader in luxury real estate are so special Arizona’s leader in luxury real estate, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty, presents the most lavish properties with dining rooms perfect for this holiday season. Dining rooms can often be the centerpiece of a home, and these do not disappoint. The first estate on this luxury … Read More

Econ 101: How to Solve the Valley’s Housing Crisis

I believe that we have a pretty sophisticated readership here, a subscriber base of highly educated people. As such, I assume many of you who are reading this have taken an Economics class or two. If you haven’t, I’ll explain one very simple principle: supply versus demand. Simply put, when supply of a good or service remains steady but demand … Read More