Remembering a Local GOP Icon

Scottsdale resident Barbara Espinosa recently passed away at the age of 86. That name may not mean anything to some readers, but her impact was a significant one. She left an imprint that you absolutely have seen, even if the name doesn’t ring any bells. Espinosa was an icon in local GOP politics: a disruptor, a thought leader, and an … Read More

A Tribute to a Life of Service

Recently the Town of Paradise Valley unexpectedly lost a giant; and it did so in a heart-wrenching manner, but one that put the heart and soul of this giant on full display. Former Paradise Valley Police Chief John Wintersteen passed away recently. A driver had accidentally hit a family dog, and Wintersteen instinctually went to care for the dog and … Read More

In Memoriam to One of the Lions in the History of Scottsdale: Bill Schrader

All of us owe something (if not most things) to those who came before us, and the same goes for cities. The cities we know and love obviously didn’t magically appear as-is; they were founded, formed by the desires and initiative of those founders and others who came later, and evolved over time into the municipalities that we call home. … Read More