Governor Hobbs Calling for Charges Against Trump? A Cautionary Tale

When it comes to the first year for Governor Katie Hobbs, it has been somewhat turbulent. It began with numerous missteps but seems to have course-corrected after the hiring of her new Chief of Staff (you can get up to date here). That said, recent actions have shown that unforced errors may be nearly impossible to avoid without keeping her … Read More

The Current Culture Wars Come to Arizona Again: Why Both Sides are Wrong

By Alexander Lomax What do you consider to be an important quality in an elected official? Perhaps their ability to compromise and get deals done, perhaps their approach on fiscal matters and spending. Maybe it’s a major social issue with significant ramifications for you and your loved ones, such as abortion. Before this past election, nearly no one would have … Read More

The Hobbs Administration Finally Quells Chaos with New Hire

It has been an extremely tumultuous first 6 months of the Katie Hobbs Gubernatorial administration (get up to date here). Depending on who you ask, it could be deemed anything from rocky to disastrous, culminating in the ouster of her Chief of Staff Allie Bones. But just like how all good things must come to an end, so do all … Read More

Governor Hobbs’s Veto Parade Continues, and Not Even Our Schools are Exempt

By Ronald Sampson It’s a new-ish day for Democrats in Arizona. Having finally captured the Governor’s seat they finally have some degree of legislative power. But since they couldn’t get a majority in either the Arizona House or the Arizona Senate, that legislative power is nearly purely relegated to the power of Governor Hobbs’s veto pen. While the ability to … Read More

Join Governor Katie Hobbs, Arizona Historical Society and Marked By COVID For the 3rd Annual COVID-19 Victims and Survivors Memorial Day Event Featuring an Exclusive Screening of the new Documentary 2020 CHAOS and HOPE

Monday, March 6th, 2023, 3:00 – 7:00 PM at Arizona Heritage Center at Papago Park (1300 North College Avenue Tempe, AZ 85288) See the Powerful Documentary, Meet the Survivors, Hear Their Stories of Resiliency and Hope, and Learn About the Proposed National COVID Memorial Day On what is proposed as the National COVID Memorial Day, (first Monday of March) on … Read More