Special announcement From John Boehner

I’ve got big news: tomorrow, Andy Tobin will be the first House candidate to deliver the Republican Weekly Address in this critical election year.
I asked Andy to step up because he’s got a strong message.
As a small businessman, Andy has seen firsthand how ObamaCare is hurting families and job creators.
As Speaker of the Arizona House, he cut spending and balanced the budget to save taxpayers and encourage growth.
And as a resident of rural Arizona, Andy knows all too well that top-down, Washington-knows-best “solutions” aren’t the answer to getting America back on track.
Andy is going to do great with this week’s address, and with our help, he can win on November 4th.
But he can’t get there alone. I’m reaching out to ask you to pitch in $100, $50 or even just $25 right now for Andy.
There’s 53 days left and Democrats are attacking him from all sides. Andy needs your help.
Let’s get this done.
Thank you,
John Boehner
Speaker of the House