So What Might Happen If Michele Reagan Beats Cardon & Goddard?

An opinion that bears repeating after Arizona’s election results Tuesday.The following was originally Published February 13
There’s an old observation in politics that just about anyone who gets elected to anything starts seeing themselves being President of the United States. After Goldwater, Udall, Babbitt and McCain that may not be true for Arizonans but you get the point.
But it is true the bigger dragons you slay the bigger the doors that open.
And that’s the opportunity current Arizona State Senator and Republican Secretary of State Michele Reagan finds herself in.Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-10_34_40-AM2-78220_641x340
Once upon a time she was the favorite for the race of second in command. Then along came well-funded Wil Cardon and the most formidable Democrat in the state (sans Kyrsten Sinema) Terry Goddard.
What luck.
But what a chance. Sure, winning at all is the goal. But winning having slayed Cardon and Goddard? That’s what makes for superstars, especially ones with the humor, talent . . . . and last name of Reagan.