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By Team Ducey
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Food Truck Freedom for Arizona is here, and it’s going to be delicious! This week, Governor Ducey signed the Food Truck Freedom bill, which eliminates job-killing red tape and levels the playing field for food truck entrepreneurs.
As a former business leader, Governor Ducey understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting up or expanding. He believes burdensome government regulations shouldn’t be one of them.
This new law empowers food trucks to take their business on the road across Arizona and saves them thousands of dollars in government license fees. KGUN 9 profiled two Tucson food truck owners who say the Food Truck Freedom law could transform their business. Watch the coverage below:

“Now we don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to be able to go to Phoenix and do a music festival, or go to Yuma and do a food truck roundup. It’s going to help us make a lot more money, and bring a lot more great food to great people.” (KGUN, 5/15/18)
Since he took office, Governor Ducey has championed entrepreneurs, innovation, and the sharing economy:
– In 2015, he signed the Arizona Beer Bill to grow the craft brewing industry, which supports more than 20,000 AZ jobs and $600 million in wages, and has contributed more than $1.2 billion to the economy.
– Before the Super Bowl in Arizona, a government bureaucrat wanted to shut down ridesharing drivers in Phoenix. Governor Ducey stopped the regulation and eliminated the agency.
– The governor signed a bill supporting Airbnb home sharing, which generates over $11.5 million a year in tax revenue for Arizona. Over 10,000 Arizonans are Airbnb hosts, and they earned nearly $95 million last year.
– Last year, Governor Ducey eliminated a total of 676 unnecessary regulations, saving taxpayers $50 million.
Photo: Gov. Ducey, the former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, offers advice to startup founders at the 2018 Phoenix Startup Week.
Thanks to Governor Ducey, Arizona is open for business and ready for innovation. The Food Truck Freedom law is just another example of government moving at the speed of business.
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