Shocking Opposition From Meyer On Right To Try

From Elect Bolick for Arizona
Dear neighbors,
Michigan recently became the fourth state to approve Right to Try. On election day, Arizona voters will have the chance make our state the fifth to do so by voting yes on Prop. 303. I support Right to Try; but my liberal opponent, Eric Meyer, opposes it.
Right to Try was home-grown in Arizona by the Goldwater Institute. It would allow terminally ill patients to access experimental drugs, prescribed by their doctors, that have passed the safety phase of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.
So far, Right to Try has passed overwhelmingly across the country with support from Republicans and Democrats alike.
E.J. Montini, one of our state’s most liberal columnists, wrote that “Prop. 303 isn’t about politics. It’s about hope.” Also endorsing the measure, the Arizona Republic says that Prop. 303 “provides doctor-confirmed hope to the terminally ill. This is easy to support.”
Apparently not so easy for Eric Meyer, who tried to prevent Arizonans from even having a chance to vote on Right to Try. Among hundreds of legislators in five states who so far have voted on Right to Try, he is the only doctor to vote no.
All of us have friends or loved ones who could have benefited from Right to Try—or could in the future.
Our nation stands for freedom. Eric Meyer thinks that distant bureaucrats should control life-or-death decisions that rightly should be made by individuals, their families, and their doctors. I proudly support Right to Try. As your representative, you can count on me to protect your control over your healthcare, your children’s education, and your future.