Shhhh. The Grand Canyon Deserves It.

So new technology is perplexing some National Park Service officials as they wrestle with how to manage the use of photography drones at its natural cathedrals.
Here in Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, the policy for our natural wonder shouldn’t be complicated at all. A resounding no to their use ought to be the answer.
Imagine going into the Sistine Chapel and being subjected to the irritating buzz of drones. Well, the Grand Canyon is God’s Chapel. And when one visits there an inherent right to irritate and endanger with whiz bang technology does not come with the entrance fee.
Some years ago the National Park Service was wise to restrict air tours to certain corridors so visiting and hiking the canyon didn’t have to resemble a trip to Sky Harbor Airport.
Tourism has been enriched. Access to these travel options has been maintained.
So why would we return to hundreds if not thousands of mini-helicopters disturbing the Rim, or wherever people might be enjoying their encounter?
If Park Service officials feel there is a professional need for such cameras to enrich tourism promotion and otherwise capture the essence of the majesty then there should be a permitting process. Or leave it to the best judgment of the professional stewards there.
This is a good discussion to be having now before memorable sunrises yield to the din of Samsung. Or the unforgettable vista from rim to rim is swamped by recordings that may be good for one but not for all.