Senator John McCain, Other Republican Leaders Endorse Hugh Hallman for State Treasurer

From the Hugh Hallman Campaign
April 2, 2014
McCain Praises Hallman’s Record of Fiscal Responsibility, Commitment to Conservative Causes. hallman pic
U.S. Senator John McCain has endorsed Hugh Hallman to serve as the next Arizona State Treasurer.
Senator McCain, one of the leading figures in the Republican Party and one of the most recognized Republican leaders in the country, said Hallman’s long track record as a proud Republican and an advocate for fiscal responsibility make him the clear choice in the race.
“As a lifelong conservative Republican and the former Mayor of Tempe, Hugh Hallman has shown a strong commitment to limited government,” Senator McCain said. “Hugh will ensure the services government does provide are completed in an efficient, effective way that protects taxpayer dollars. He has been an advocate for conservative causes his whole life, and is an ideal candidate to serve us as our State Treasurer.”
Hallman said he was grateful for Senator McCain’s endorsement, and has long admired the Senator’s principled approach to public service.
“I would like to thank Senator John McCain for his distinguished career in public service, and I am humbled to receive his support,” Hallman said. “I have always admired Senator McCain’s unwavering commitment to limiting the role of government, and I look forward to taking the same approach in the State Treasurer’s Office.”
Senator McCain joins many endorsers for Hugh Hallman, ranging from conservative leaders to former Congressmen to municipal leaders throughout the state of Arizona.
Former U.S. Congressman John Shadegg, another recognized conservative leader, is also endorsing Hallman and echoed Senator McCain’s sentiments.
“Hugh Hallman has the proven conservative credentials to best serve Arizona in the office of State Treasurer,” Shadegg said. “He has been a tireless advocate for fiscal responsibility, which is exactly what we need for a position that manages our tax dollars. I’m proud to support Hugh and believe he’s a perfect fit for the job.”
Len Munsil, former Republican gubernatorial candidate and another leading conservative voice, also expressed his support for Hallman.
“We need the kind of responsible, effective leadership Hugh Hallman will provide as State Treasurer,” Munsil said. “Hugh has shown through his work in Tempe and on regional issues that he truly understands the role of government and how to oversee taxpayer dollars in a responsible way.”