Searching For Frank Jacobson

He was so influential and impactful while head of the Scottsdale Cultural Council he was referred to as the “8th councilman.”
And judging by this recent article in the Phoenix New Times, Scottsdale needs someone like Frank Jacobson now.  Big time.
We’re not as dour as the New Times.  After all, Scottsdale’s public art program remains second to no Valley city.  And emerging events like Canal Convergence – or this weekend’s Scottsdale Arts Festival — remind us of Scottsdale’s artistic soul, and how it can be enriched further.
There’s no doubt Scottsdale remains a great arts city.  But there’s also no doubt that online sales, recent economic challenges and even accusations that special events hurt galleries are challenging the city’s private and public cultural scene too.  
Hoping these dynamics away won’t work.  Action is required.  Now.  And while we are not big on task forces this is one that could be useful, especially if chaired by Jacobson or someone like Jim Bruner.  A task force whose findings be presented to council for ACTION, not just head nods and discussion.  A task force which promulgates big new policies that recruit the remarkable and retain the raconteurs.
Bruner and Jacobson are two of a number of people who enjoy the destination more than the journey.  They are doers.  And that’s what is needed now to keep Scottsdale an arts destination for years to come.