Scottsdale’s Mayor Forms PAC To Foster Positive Politics

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane has always been more concerned with getting things done than getting attention.
That may be his motivation behind forming a Political Action Committee called “At Our Best.” Records show it is being organized to raise money to assist political candidates.lane portrait
Scottsdale, or Arizona for that matter, has no shortage of critics. But it may have a shortage of innovative leaders with fresh ideas and the will to implement them. Lane’s PAC could provide support for innovators so they can withstand the slings and arrows of naysayers.
And while some could argue that the “Scottsdale Edge” political blog occasionally falls into the naysayer category, we’ll just say its recent post on Lane’s PAC misses the mark. 
The Edge claims Lane’s motive was shoring up his legacy and answering his critics. We think Lane’s landslide victory in 2016 sufficiently answered both. And if Lane were still concerned about either, he probably would have never run for Mayor in a town filled with so many residents eager to make themselves heard on any side on any issue. That’s Scottsdale’s nature and it’s not a bad thing.
Lane’s motives appear to be making sure positive and innovative leaders can find a place in the political fabric of Scottsdale and Arizona, as the PAC was formed at the state level.
It may not be an easy task in this current political climate but it is a task worth pursuing. He should be applauded for it because it ultimately gives a Scottsdale at its best, an edge.