Scottsdale Is Amazing Not In Atrophy

Recently an article in the Scottsdale Independent queried whether Scottsdale was losing its luster. It cited the election losses of the General Plan, a Scottsdale School District bond and the recent city bond package.
But that’s a little like saying Kate Upton doesn’t like as good in a red bikini as blue. She still looks good. No matter what. kate-upton-poster
So let’s take stock.
The city just debuted an amazing new facility at WestWorld that just hosted the world’s largest car auction called Barrett-Jackson and is hosting the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, the largest in the world.
Just blocks away is the home of the world’s largest golf tournament.
Twenty seven thousand acres for the nation’s largest municipal preserve have been purchased, only 7,000 shy of the visionary goal launched just 20 years ago.
The downtown has a nightlife second to none in the Southwest with property values accelerating at twice the state average.
Tourism is up. Crime is down.
High-tech workers are flocking to the city that just was recognized for being one of the best run in the country.
And whereas a previous council couldn’t find a way to keep Rawhide in town that doesn’t yet want to relinquish its “West’s Most Western Town” slogan, this one is likely to retain famed watering hole Greasewood Flat despite acute estate tax issues for the family that owns it.
Yes, McDowell Road continues to languish, in desperate need of something other than happy talk. But Kate Upton would still look good there too.