Scottsdale City Council Endorsements One Year Out

In 2014 three seats on the Scottsdale City Council will be up for grabs, those of incumbents Dennis Robbins and Linda Milhaven and that of the loquacious voice of yesteryear, Bob Littlefield.
Littlefield is term-limited, and considering a run for the Arizona State Legislature.
We can dispense with the need for interviews and candidate debates when it comes to endorsements for two of these seats. Now. About a year before these elections take place.
Because Dennis Robbins and Linda Milhaven are Scottsdale.
Robbins is a small businessman, family man and lawyer. He was a good addition to help lead the city out of recession three years ago and he will be the right person to help Scottsdale advantage its recovery.
Robbins’ experience is also invaluable. He has twice served on the council And his Republicanism is worn with a smile not a scorn.
Milhaven often joins Robbins on votes concerning “pro-business” matters. But she is recommended for other reasons. A banking background, powerful advocate for Scottsdale’s important arts programs and an independent streak.
The arts aren’t superfluous government spending in Scottsdale. They define the difference and essence of the city. Superb arts are a key reason businesses like to locate here, money likes Scottsdale zip codes and tourists flock to the city. Milhaven understands this more than anyone else on council, which is critically needed as the gallery scene undergoes transformation.
And while we strongly disagree with Milhaven’s vote against the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center at WestWorld, a bold decision that ensured Barrett-Jackson and others shows remained in Scottsdale, we respect the concerns expressed about the project by Milhaven and her willingess to stand alone to make them.
Contrary to our regard for Robbins and Milhaven our opinion regarding the “Littlefield seat” will be wait and see. Interesting and challenged candidates have and will emerge. Some will seek to emulate Littlefield. Others will reject what they perceive are his anti-business positions. With Littlefield ally Guy Phillips already carrying on his perspective at least until 2016 the question will be whether Scottsdale’s constant fit of schizophrenia when it comes to just how pro-business it should be needs triplets (it doesn’t), twins or if Scottsdale is best served with Mr. Phillips alone articulating such perspective.