Scottsdale Candidates Opposing “To Protect & Preserve” Scottsdale Ballot Initiative Trailing In New Poll While Supporters Lead

Opposing the To Protect and To Preserve Scottsdale ballot initiative may not be helpful if you are running for Scottsdale Mayor or a seat on the City Council.

The measure would improve city parks along the Indian Bend Wash and in southern Scottsdale as well as protect the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. It would also provide new resources for public safety. The measure is being proposed since an original city sales tax that helped make possible the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is set to soon expire. The new proposal would replace, reduce and repurpose that tax for the uses stated above.

The Preserve and the Indian Bend Wash are two very popular Scottsdale amenities so it’s not surprising that candidates who oppose their enhanced protection and preservation might pay a price at the ballot box. And those who support it benefit.

The Arizona Progress and Gazette has obtained a copy of a recent Data Orbital poll which not only shows 70% support for To Protect and To Preserve, but it also shows candidates who support the measure outpacing those who don’t.

Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega is an enthusiastic supporter. Challenger Lisa Borowsky opposes To Protect and To Preserve while the position of Linda Milhaven is unclear. In a three-way race, the Data Orbital poll shows Ortega with 38.2%, Borowsky with 10.2% and Milhaven with 8.5%. The rest are undecided.

Data Orbital, Arizona’s most accurate pollster during the last presidential election, conducted the poll in early May.

Ortega also bests Borowsky in a two-way race with 41.9% to 14.9%. Likewise, with Milhaven where the incumbent has a 41.3% to 16.4% lead.

In the Scottsdale City Council race where nine candidates are seeking three seats, incumbent Tammy Caputi, a consistent supporter of To Protect and To Preserve, strongly leads the pack with 13.5%. Given the crowded field and a substantial number of undecided voters, 13.5% is actually a substantial lead. Incumbent Tom Durham, also a supporter of the ballot initiative, came in second at 5.5%. Another supporter, candidate MaryAnn McAllen came in third at 5.3%. The rest of the candidates were jumbled up as listed below. Respondents were given the opportunity to select up to 3 candidates.

Tammy Caputi                 13.5%
Stephen Casares              2.8%
Jan Dubauskas                4.1%
Tom Durham                    5.5%
Mason Gates                     3.3%
Adam Kwasman               3.9%
Justin Laos                        3.8%
Robert “Bob” Lettieri      3.1%
MaryAnn McAllen            5.3%

There are multiple issues facing Scottsdale and they all have a role to play as voters decide on the Mayor and Council. But it is worth noting that the candidates who support To Protect and To Preserve also happen to be the leading in the most recent polling.