This week, the liberal media finally got what it was looking for: the scandalous story that’s going to stop Marco’s momentum.
It’s a 1,644 word bombshell from the Washington Post: When he was 18, Marco got caught in a public park after it closed.
I’m not going to go into the other embarrassing details (because there aren’t any).
The problem: Marco is getting an amazing reception on the trail, but many in the media would rather dig up fake “scandals” like this.
So we’re coming clean about Marco’s other offenses.
Go here to get all the scandalous details:
Marco’s survived $22 million in attacks from the Establishment already, but more is coming.
Our opponents wouldn’t think twice before putting “Caught In a Municipal Park After Hours at 18 Years Old” on billboards all around Des Moines. Will they send videos of him double-dipping his chips to opinion leaders in key early states?
Suffice to say, on top of the revelations that Marco has gotten speeding tickets, and has in the past bought a boat . . . we need your help.
We need your help to drown out exposes like the Washington Post’s.
Go here now to chip in and become an accessory to Marco’s campaign. It’s a national conspiracy — you don’t want to miss out.
Alex Conant
Communications Director
Marco Rubio for President
P.S. I’m kidding, but I’m not kidding when I say we need your help — go here now to help Marco keep up his momentum into the Iowa caucuses, just 10 days away.